Chojya Gasaki, Hayama, JAPAN

Chojya Gasaki

	My Research Field is Applied Welfare Analysis.
My primary research fields are
(1)environmental policy analysis
and (2)consumer behaviour analysis.
I conduct theoretical and empirical research.

Working Paper

Iwata, K. and Matsumoto, S. (2016)
Did the eco-car rebate program distort the vehicle replacement cycle?: An analysis of vehicle ownership duration.
Presented at the Sixth Congress of the East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (Fukuoka)

Shigeru Matsumoto (2015)
Consumer Valuation of Energy-Saving Features of Residential Air Conditioners with Hedonic and Choice Models.
Working Papers on Environmental Sciences
Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals (ICTA), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Supported by Asahi Glass Foundation

Journal Articles

Chifari, R., Lo Piano, S., Matsumoto, S., and Tasaki, T. (2017)
Does recyclable separation reduce the cost of municipal waste management?
Waste Management forthcoming

Shigeru Matsumoto and Yukiko Omata (2016)
Consumer Valuations of Energy Efficiency Investments: The case of Vietnam's Air Conditioner Market.
Journal of Cleaner Production Vol.142, pp.4001–4010.

Matsumoto, S. (2016)
Electric Appliance Ownership and Usage: Application of Conditional Demand Analysis to Japanese Household Data.
Energy Policy Vol.94, pp.214-223.

Iwata, K. and Matsumoto, S. (2016)
Use of hybrid vehicles in Japan: An analysis of used car market data.
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Vol.46, pp.200-206.

Hoang, V., Iida, T., Matsumoto, S., Watanabe, N., and Wilson, C. (2016)
Consumer's Comparison between Local and Imported Organic Products: A Hedonic Analysis of the Japanese Table Wine Market.
Eurasian Business Review Vol.6, pp.405–415.

Matsumoto, S. (2016)
Household Income Structure and Electrical Appliance Ownership: Evidence from Japanese National Household Survey.
International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy Vol.6, No.1., pp.14-19.

Maeda, T., Matsumoto, S. and Murata, T. (2015)
Agent Heterogeneity and Facility Congestion.
Computational Economics Vol.46, No.2, pp.189-203.

森田稔, 松本茂, 田崎智宏. (2014)
省エネリベートプログラムの主観的割引率への影響: ヘドニック価格法による家電エコポイント制度の評価
環境経済・政策研究 Vol.7, No.2, pp.24-36. (In Japanese)

Arikawa, H., Cao, Y. and Matsumoto, S. (2014)
Attitudes about Nuclear Power and Energy-Saving Behavior among Japanese Households.
Energy Research & Social Science Vol.2, pp.12–20.

Matsumoto, S. (2014)
The Opportunity Cost of Pro-Environmental Activities: Spending Time to Promote the Environment or Earning More Money?
Journal of Family and Economic Issues Vol.35, No. 1, pp.119-130.

Matsumoto, S. (2014)
Spouses' Time Allocation to Pro-environmental Activities: Who is saving the environment at home?
Review of Economics of the Household Vol.12, No. 1, pp. 159-176.

Matsumoto, S. and Ishii, T. (2013)
Order of Occupancy in the Settlement of Pollution Disputes.
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies Vol.15, No.3, pp.329-341.

Arikawa, H., Cao, Y. and Matsumoto, S. (2013)
Japanese Acceptance of Nuclear and Radiation Technologies after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster.
Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research Vol.2, No.1 pp.503-510.

CAO, Y., Matsumoto, S. and Murata, T. (2012)
Married Women's Lifestyles in Japan : Disparities Based on the Number of Children
The Review of Socionetwork Strategies Vol.6, No.1 pp.1-14.

Matsumoto, S. (2011)
Impact of Country-of-Origin Labeling on Bovine Meat Trade
Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization Vol.9: Iss.1, Article 1.

Matsumoto, S. and Takeuchi, K. (2011)
The Effect of Community Characteristics on the Frequencies of Illegal Dumping
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies Vol.13, No.3 pp.177-193.

Matsumoto, S. (2011)
A Duration Analysis on Environmental Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Ecological Economics Vol.70, No.4 pp.659-666.

Matsumoto, S. (2011)
Waste Separation at Home: Is the Municipal Curbside Recycling Policy Efficient?
Resources, Conservation & Recycling Vol.55, No.3 pp.325-334.

Maeda, T., Murata, T., Kotaka, D., Matsumoto, S. and Cao. Y. (2010)
Social Simulation Based on Human Behavioral Data Collected by Web-Based Experimental System.
Journal of Convergence Information Technology Vol.5, No.4 pp.141-151.

Matsumoto, S. and Cao, Y. (2009)
Social Learning and Mother's Behavior in Facility Choice.
公共選択の研究 Vol.53, pp.44-52.

Matsumoto, S. and Cao, Y. (2008)
Resolving Service Quality Uncertainty Through Word-of-Mouth Communication.
The Review of Socionetwork Strategies Vol.1, No.2 pp.40-52.

Sugeta, H. and Matsumoto, S. (2007)
Upstream and Downstream Pollution Taxations in Vertically Related Markets with Imperfect Competition.
Environmental & Resource Economics Vol.38, No.3 pp. 407-432.

Matsumoto, S. and Sugeta, H. (2007)
Antitrust Law and Environmental Protection.
Economics Bulletin Vol.17, No.2 pp.1-10.

Matsumoto, S. (2006)
Consumers' Evaluation of GMO Segregation Program in Japan.
Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics Vol.38, No.1 pp.201-211.

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Green Tax Reform in an Oligopolistic Industry.
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Matsumoto, S. (2004)
Consumers' Responses to Front vs. Back Package GM Labels in Japan.
Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization Vol. 2: Iss. 1, Article 5.

Book Edited

Matsumoto, S. (2015)
Environmental Subsidies as a Policy Instrument: How did they work in the Japanese market?
Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

Book Chapter

松本茂 (2016)
第6章 汚染制御とインセンティブ政策
第二巻 汚染とリスクを制御する(大沼あゆみ・岸本充生編) 岩波書店 (In Japanese)

Mastumoto, S. (2014)
Environmental Volunteer Activities in Local Waste Management.
In Handbook on Waste Management (ISBN: 978 0 85793 685 1).
Edited by Thomas C. Kinnamann and Kenji Takeuchi. Edward Elger Publishing. Chapter 4. pp.119-146.

Matsumoto, S. (2011)
Group Collection of Recyclables in Japan.
In: Post-Consumer Waste Recycling and Optimal Production (ISBN 978-953-51-0632-6).
Edited by Ir. Enri Damanhuri, InTech Open Access Publisher. pp. 67-78 (Chapter 4)

Matsumoto, S. and Cao, Y. (2010)
Kindergarten as a Meeting Place for Mothers.
In Kindergartens: Programs, Functions and Outcomes (ISBN: 978-1-61209-109-9).
Edited by Spencer B. Thompson, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. pp.163-177 (Chapter 7)

松本茂 (2008)
マルチエージェントシミュレーションによる政策分析とエージェントの相互作用 (ISBN 978-4-8115-7381-6 C1033).
村田忠彦・鵜飼康東【編著】  政策グリッドコンピューティングとマルチエージェントシミュレーション.多賀出版.東京 pp29-44(第3章)(In Japanese)

松本茂・横山彰 (2008)
環境対策における差別的対応 (ISBN 978-4326502998).
横山彰・財務省財務総合政策研究所【編】 温暖化対策と経済成長の制度設計.勁草書房.東京 pp207-229(第8章)(In Japanese)

Matsumoto, S. (2004)
Industry Structure and Pollution Dispute Management: Ex Ante Pollution Prevention vs. Ex Post Dispute Settlement.
In: Competition, Regulation and Protection: Essays from an International Conference on Industrial Organization, Law and Economics (ISBN 960-88331-3-2).
Edited by Gregory T. Papanikos, Athens Institute for Education and Research Greece, pp.183-198.

Research Report (Joint)

Environmental Policy

International Cooperation Contributing Greenhouse Gas Abatement. International Development Center of Japan.
Prepared for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2000/3. (Japanese + English Summary)

Development Policy

Report for Basic Study on Programme Aid in Africa. International Development Center of Japan.
Prepared for the Ministry of Finance, 2000/2. (Japanese + English Summary)

Zambia and Mozambique: Economic Development and International Cooperation. International Development Center of Japan.
Prepared for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1999/3. (Japanese + English Summary)

Azerbaijan, Gergia and Armenia: Economic Development and International Cooperation. International Development Center of Japan.
Prepared for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1999/3. (Japanese + English Summary)

Text for High School Students

Matsumoto, S. (2014)
What is Economic Analysis?
English Series SEED BOOK 12, Aoyama Gakuin Printed in Japan, Unit 5 pp.35-42.
ISBN: 978-9-52-14-902629-52-1

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